This past June, Matthew Hope, Co-Founder and CEO of Summa, was honored to accept a Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award from the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH) on behalf of Summa. The IFAH is an events organization dedicated to the mission of improving healthcare by facilitating an open dialogue between different industry stakeholders.

The event offered a unique opportunity to network with other startups, healthcare providers, investors, and thought leaders in healthcare. Ultimately, this reward represents the role of Summa, and others, in a healthcare world becoming more-and-more data-driven. The future of health and healthcare is dependent upon healthcare information technology. Our mission is to make sharing simple, and in doing so, facilitating the kind of data exchange upon which healthcare IT can be developed. We look forward to growing as a company in the healthcare space and continuing to solve problems for researchers and clinicians!

Summa IFAH Award

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