How It Works

The Summa System breaks down data silos and centers data around individuals. This creates unprecedented access to the most accurate, up-to-date, and thorough data that researchers and clinicians need, straight from the source!

Researchers and clinicians, “Data Consumers”, use the Summa System to collect survey and health-related data directly from study participants and patients, “Data Generators”.

To access the Summa System, Data Consumers log in via the Summa Web App. Data Consumers use the web app to create ‘Projects’. Projects support surveys, custom survey scheduling, and health data requests. Available personally generated health data (PGHD) include heart rate, steps, sleep, and so much more!

When a Project is ready, Data Consumers distribute a Project-specific code to their study participants or patients. The Data Generators enroll in the project by downloading the Summa Mobile App and entering the Project-specific code. Once enrolled, Data Generators consent to sharing the requested health data and respond to surveys directly on their phone.

Data Consumers can export data as a .csv file to perform additional analysis. The Summa System is HIPAA, GDPR compliant, meaning your data is secure and arrives de-identified. This protects Data Generator privacy and Data Consumer compliance.

As we grow, we will continue to add more data types, data sources, survey functionality, and other features to the Summa System.

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