Responding to Surveys


Participants respond to surveys via the Summa mobile application. When a survey becomes active, participants receive a push notification to alert them.

They can access the survey directly by selecting the push notification. Alternatively, participants can find active surveys by opening the mobile app directly. Active surveys display as ‘Active’ in the mobile dashboard.

Participants can also find active surveys via the ‘Tasks’ dashboard.

When a participant opens a survey via push notification, dashboard, or task, they are taken to the survey description page. Participants proceed by selecting ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen.

Participants are able to ‘scroll down’ to view additional items and response options.

For multi-answer questions, participants are able to select more than one response option.

For short answer question types, participants can type character-based responses. The system will alert participants if they do not adhere to the character min/max rules set by the project coordinator.

The system stops participants from typing more characters than the max character rule.

Participants are able to select only one response option for multiple choice question types.

ReadOnly question types are essentially blocks of text information that project coordinators can pass along to participants via surveys.

With URL question types, participants can select the hyperlink to visit the web page.

When ready, participants complete the survey by selecting ‘Submit’.

When a participant completes a survey, the mobile dashboard changes the survey status from ‘Active’ to ‘Upcoming’ and clears the Task from the Tasks dashboard.