Requesting Data


Use the drop-down menus to select the data types you would like to collect from participants throughout the duration of the Project.

The following data types are available for collection via compatible wearable devices and mobile applications.

Summaries Workouts Nutrition Measurements Sleep
steps steps energy_consumed peak_flow awake_duration
active_duration energy_burned carbohydrate spo2 deep_sleep
active_energy_burned distance fat pulse light_sleep
basal_energy_burned duration dietary_fiber body_temperature rem_sleep
distance avg_heart_rate protein bmi awake
elevation active_duration sodium body_fat awake_count
floors_climbed heart_rate_zone_very_low water body_weight sleep_score
energy_burned heart_rate_zone_low calcium blood_glucose sleep_duration
heart_rate_zone_very_low heart_rate_zone_medium cholesterol pulse time_to_fall_asleep
heart_rate_zone_low heart_rate_zone_high saturated_fat diastolic restless_count
heart_rate_zone_medium avg_cadence systolic in_bed_duration
heart_rate_zone_high max_heart_rate message
resting_heart_rate max_speed relationship_to_meal
avg_heart_rate active_energy_burned body_height
max_heart_rate sodium
min_heart_rate cholesterol