Prior to setting up a Polar account and connecting a device, turn on Bluetooth by tapping Settings > Bluetooth.

Download & install the Polar Flow mobile application. Select ‘Get Started’. If Bluetooth is on, the app will detect your Polar device. Select ‘Start’. Next, enter the Bluetooth pairing code displayed on your Polar wearable device and select ‘Pair’.

If you get a “connection to Polar was lost” message, simply press ‘OK’ to try again. Follow on-screen app & wearable device instructions to complete pairing. It may take a few minutes for pairing to complete.

Follow the on screen instructions to agree to Polar’s privacy policy and set up your Polar profile. 

Next, enter basic body measurement information, activity goal information, and account information. You must agree to Polar’s Terms of Use before finishing by selecting ‘Join Now’.

If the device is paired to your phone, the app will walk you through basic device setup. Follow the on screen instructions to proceed.

You will be asked to update the device to complete setup. If your phone has low battery, please plug it in to continue. Updating the device can take up to 15-20 minutes to complete.

When device setup is complete, select ‘OK’ to visit the Polar Flow dashboard.

Connecting to Apple Health
If you would like to connect Polar to Apple Health, select More > General Settings > Apple Health > Turn All Categories On > Allow.


Connecting Polar to Summa
To use Polar with Summa, select Settings > Add/Remove Device > Polar Connect.

Follow the on screen instructions. Save > Sign In > Update > I Agree > Accept.