Mobile Profile & Generator Code


Participants can access and edit Profile information via Settings > Profile. Required profile information from signup includes email address, first name, last name, phone number. To finalize changes to Profile information, select ‘Update’.

Participants can also find their Generator Code via Settings > Profile. Participant Generator Code cannot be changed. This number serves as the participant’s de-identified marker in the Summa System. This number is shared with researchers in lieu of name or other identifying information to protect participant privacy and ensure anonymous data sharing.

In certain research methods, the participant may be asked to identify their Generator Code to a blinded member of the research team for the purpose of in-person data collection. This allows the blinded researcher to affiliate in-person data with remotely collected data without disclosing participant identity to the principle investigator. If you are uncomfortable sharing your generator code with a member of the research team, please consult with the principle investigator and/or the organization’s Institutional Review Board for clarification.