Prior to setting up a Fitbit account and connecting a device, turn on Bluetooth by tapping Settings > Bluetooth.

For additional information on how to set up a Fitbit device, visit Fitbit’s official setup guide –

To begin, instruct participants to download the Fitbit mobile application. The app can be accessed directly using the following link – When app download and installation is complete, open the app and select ‘Join Fitbit’.

Next instruct the participant to select the device they will be setting up. For this demonstration, we will be setting up a Fitbit Ionic device.

If there are multiple versions of the selected device, choose the specific device being set up. For this demonstration, we will be setting up the Ionic.

Select ‘Set Up’ to get started.

To proceed, the participant must enter basic account details including First Name, Last Name, Email, Password. The participant must also agree to Fitbit’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Use statement. When ready, the participant selects ‘Next’.

Instruct the participant to complete the subsequent account creation screens to proceed.

To create a connection between the participant’s phone and Fitbit device, instruct them to place the two close together. Then enter the Fitbit device number into the Fitbit mobile app.

Next, select a Wifi network so the Fitbit device can update.

Keep the Fitbit device plugged in and near the participant’s phone during update and installation. This process may take several minutes.

Once installation is complete, instruct the participant to open the Fitbit app on their mobile phone. Select the profile button > Fitbit device > scroll down > All-Day Sync. All-Day Sync will improve the performance of the Summa System to ensure data capture is successful.

It is also beneficial to ensure Background App Refresh is on. Go to iPhone Settings > scroll down > Fitbit > Background App Refresh.

Finally, participants can also force an app sync. Simply instruct participants to open the Fitbit app then ‘tap and drag’ downward to initiate a sync.