Apple Health

Summa integrates with Apple Health. The Apple Health app serves as a central repository for health and fitness data in iOS. With the user’s permission, apps built with Apple Health integration can communicate with the Health app to access and share information.

The following data types are compatible with Summa’s Apple Health integration:

Summaries Workouts Nutrition Measurement Sleep
active_energy_burned active_duration carbohydrate body_height sleep_duration
steps distance fat diastolic deep_sleep
distance energy_burned dietary_fiber pulse rem_sleep
floors_climbed avg_heart_rate protein systolic light_sleep
elevation max_heart_rate sodium body_height awake_duration
active_duration min_heart_rate water spo2 awake_count
energy_burned calcium body_temperature
cholesterol insulin
energy_consumed blood_glucose
protein body_weight
saturated_fat body_fat
sodium bmi


Connect Apple Health to Summa

To begin sharing data from Apple Health via Summa, participants must first connect their Apple Health account to their Summa account. Open the Summa mobile application then select Settings > Add/Remove Device > Apple Health to get started.

To turn on each data category, select the sliding tile > Turn All Categories On > Allow. Repeat this process for each Apple Health data category to ensure data sharing works correctly.

Disconnect Apple Health from Summa

If you would like to disconnect Apple Health from Summa, you must use your iPhone settings. The Summa mobile app provides instructions on how to do this if you attempt to turn off a tile in the app.

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Health > Summa and turn off each data type you no longer wish to share. You can turn them back on at any time through the same process.