Add Survey Questions


To start, select ‘Add Question’. Summa supports multiple question types including multiple choice, single choice, matrix array, read only, and URL.

This will load the ‘Add Question’ element.

Use the ‘Select Question Type’ drop down menu to choose your question type.

Matrix array allows you to create Likert scale-type questions. Each column represents an answer option for your participants. Each row represents an item in your questionnaire for your participants to respond to.

After you complete question setup, you can view the question in the survey list.

You can delete or edit a question.

Multi-answer allows the participant to select multiple response options.

Short answer allows the participant to type a text-based response to your question. You can set optional min/max length character rules that participants must follow in order to submit their response.

Multiple choice allows the participant to select one response option.

Read only allows you to create a text block. The text you type is sent as an item that participants can view while completing the Survey.

URL question type allows you to send a link to participants. They can access the link by clicking on the URl element in the mobile app while completing the Survey.

When you are finished adding questions, creating survey schedules, and entering survey details, select ‘Save & Exit’ to finish.