All the health data we generate throughout our lives is immensely valuable to academics, researchers and doctors. But there’s a core problem: Data silos isolate this health data, making it inaccessible.

With Summa, researchers and clinicians can collect survey and health data directly from study participants and patients.

Our mission is to make sharing simple by bringing people and data together.


Introducing the SUMMA System

Our solution makes sharing simple by centering data around each individual person, giving health, life, and behavioral scientists access to all the data they need for research, straight from the source!

Data Consumers

Doctors and researchers can use our web application to create projects, distribute surveys and collect data.

Sharing Made Simple

The projects created through the SUMMA System can be shared with participants and accessed by using a six-digit code.

Data Generators

Participants can respond to surveys or share the health data they choose right from their phone through our mobile app.


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